Anything But Empty

"Let your words be anything but empty."


I’m trying to speak words that are full; words that are brimming with love and inviting in grace.
I’m through guarding my heart as though it were a “flower”, “a jar of jellybeans” or an exhaustible resource instead of something being transformed daily by Jesus.
I am finding new ways to be human, and not be afraid of what that means.
I am attempting to love Jesus better and facing the frightening reality of what it means to love as He did.
I’m learning what it means to step past my carefully constructed ideas and run free in God’s grace.
I’m want to seek what is real, and true, and painful.
I want to hear your story and I want you to hear mine.
I want to be vulnerable so that others, in turn, can be vulnerable.
I’m learning to look at everything, relationships, people, love, boundaries, community, through the lens of the Kingdom, and then, somehow, accept how everything drastically alters.
I am learning to be brave.


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